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Drug Seizure in Japanese Conession, Han Kow afterJapanese Evacuation August, 1937:漢口日租界撤退 破獲製毒機關
Contributors:Produced by the China Motion Picture Corp. ;
Created / Published:中國電影製片場
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Introducing H.E.Mr.Kan Nan Kuang Adminstrative Commissioner of the Central Commission for Opium Suppression. (軍事委員會常務委員甘乃光)
This news reel showing [uses/diseases] of narcotic drugs is really not news. It is an old, well-known fact that contrabands -- including morphine, heroin, and other poisonous drugs -- were manufactured under the Japanese protection in the Japanese concession in Hang Kao (漢口). This deplorable fact was made possible to reveal to the world only after invocation of the Japanese just a little bit before the Sino-Japanese conflict. I, representing the Opium Suppression Commission of the Chinese government, present to you, friends of China, in your own eyes, that the various reports we have submitted to the League of Nations are true. It is nothing but truth. Ladies and gentlemen, friends of China, honest Japanese men: we believe in honest business. Honest Japanese men believe in that, too. We hate smugglers. We hate poison (drug) manufacturers. We hate the protectors of the poison manufactuers and smugglers. Fellow citizens of humanity, will you help to make a stop to all of this? Thank you.
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