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重生與革新-亞歷山大圖書館逸事:Rebirth and Revolution: The Story of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Contributors:Ismail Serageldin (亞歷山大圖書館館長) 主講;
Created / Published:國家圖書館
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Keywords:埃及國家圖書館;亞歷山大圖書館;Bibliotheca Alexandrina;
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古亞歷山大圖書館曾攝取世人的幻想,至今仍列為人類智慧無與倫比的探險地之一。本館建於西元 288 年,當時匯集了古文明世界博大無比的思想,也是繆思女神華美的殿宇,其周邊有許多附殿,圖書館便是其中之一。西元前 400 年之前,祝融曾多次光顧,館藏盡付焚火。1600 年之後,本館在原址重建復生,挑戰的是如何在 21 世紀中,重振昔日古圖書館之精神。今日新館,浴火重生,正是為這精神而立,新館擁有 10 個研究所、19 座博物館及永久美術展覽室、亠所星象館、一個會議中心、一座探索館、一個高等資訊中心、六家專業圖書館、與一座大型圖書館。如今,這座獨一的資訊殿堂,巍巍聳立於戰亂之時,其功令人欣喜,因為連在 2011年推翻埃及政權的青年革命軍,也要對之頂禮膜拜。但在埃及本國革命暴動的浪潮中,重生的亞力山大圖書館前途如何?能否僥倖殘存呢?

The Ancient Library of Alexandria captured the imagination of the world and remains one of the greatest adventures of the human intellect. Established in 288 BC to bring together the greatest minds of the ancient world, it was a temple to the Muses to which various facilities were attached, including a library. The Library grew and grew and became the greatest library of the age, assembling almost every possible written text known at the time. There bibliography was established, sciences were formalized and debates flourished. It became the intellectual center of the world. A series of fires destroyed the ancient library till by 400 AD it was no more. But its memory as part academy, part library, part university, part research center, and part museum (in the modern sense) continued to haunt the world. 1600 years later it was revived on the same spot. The challenge was how to recapture the spirit of the ancient library in the context of the 21st century. The new, Reborn Bibliotheca Alexandrina has tried to do just that, combining ten research institutes 19 museums and permanent art exhibits, a planetarium, a conference center, and Exploratorium, a high-level informatics center, six specialized libraries and the big library. By the end of 2010 it was annually receiving around 1.4 million visitors and held around 700 events and its websites receive over 3.3 million hits a day.
This unique institution produced interesting results that were saluted by young revolutionaries overthrowing the political regime in Egypt in 2011. It is a wonderful validation of libraries in a time of change. But in the revolutionary turmoil of our country, what will become of this reborn Bibliotheca Alexandrina? Will it survive?


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