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法國國家圖書館提供讀者與專家數位資訊服務:Digital services to users and professionals of the National Library of France (BnF)
Contributors:Arnaud Beaufort (法國國家圖書館副館長) 主講;
Created / Published:國家圖書館
Running Times:33分41秒
Play Times:14
Recommended Times:0
Keywords:法國國家圖書館;資訊服務;National Library of France;
Authorized to Play:網際網路公開傳輸
本館的加利卡數位圖書館,為讀者提供規模龐大而又多樣排陣的資訊服務,此即:能夠取閱達兩百萬筆經過掃描與OCRed處理過的全文、影像、與實物;高次元立體影像下載;文件共享閱讀機;即刻列印服務;智慧型手機與個人平板電腦所需之應用程式軟體;語意關鍵詞搜尋;線上媒介 (即新聞信、臉書、 推特、皮趣網站、布拉格) 。此外,本館亦提供專家資訊服務;如法律網路文件表格 (予出版商) ,白色標纖 (予圖書館) ,第三者數位檔案 (予公共機構) ,以及提供在政府公開執照下所解禁的一套書目資料。

Through its digital library Gallica, the BnF offers a large and diversified array of services to its users: access to up to 2 million scanned and OCRed texts, images and objects; HD-images download; document sharing via an exportable viewer; print-on-demand service; apps for smartphones and tablets; semantic search engine; online mediation ( newsletter, Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest, blog).
Furthemore, the BnF also offers services to professionals such as an extranet for legal deposit forms (publishers), a white label digital library (libraries), third-party digital archiving (public organisations), and a set of bibliographic data released under governmental open license.


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