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Contributors:高萬桑(Vincent Goossaert)主講;
Created / Published:國家圖書館
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為促進臺灣本土道教研究與世界的對話,國家圖書館與德國萊比錫大學圖書館於2018年11月29日起於該校總圖書館(Bibliotheca Albertina)舉辦「道教與地方宗教─典範的重思」(Daoism and Local Cults: Rethinking the Paradigms)國際學術研討會,以及「天之道:道教與地方宗教」主題文獻展。

在11月30日至12月1日進行「道教與地方宗教─典範的重思」研討會方面,會議主題探討近世以來,道教與地方宗教融合過程中,雙方存在之張力與對立,以及複雜的互動模式。策劃會議合辦方籌備代表柯若樸教授 (Prof. Philip Clart)表示,本會議旨在評估並釐清現存各種學術觀點與立場,以便進行更具反思性與深入分析的辯論。希望能解開學術論述中纏繞在主位∕客位範疇的環節,進而發展出讓持不同立場學者可以共同使用的論述詞彙及明確的參數。為了實現會議目標,因此國家圖書館與萊比錫大學圖書館邀請到歷史與民族學領域的專家學者,包括來自德、法、臺、日、美、英,以及香港等地學者,發表論文來一起探討問題。

From Diocese to Local Temple? A historical proposition on the continuity between the Heavenly Master Church and modern popular religion


Vincent Goossaert (高萬桑)

There is much controversy, and so far little solid conclusion, regarding what happened to the medieval Daoist organization based on Heavenly Master Dioceses (or parishes, zhi 治), i.e., close-knit local communities of pure ordained believers. This communication will outline the proposition that around the turn of the second millennium, they gradually transformed into the local temple communities 香會 that still form the bedrock of Chinese society and religion. While proving such continuity is a much larger project than what a paper can embrace, I will propose some of its possible lineaments, by looking at ordination systems, registration of members, and notions of salvation, that all seem to point to deep commonalities between the medieval Daoist church and modern temple cults.



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